Artesian Wells

An artesian aquifer is a confined aquifer containing groundwater under positive pressure. This type of well seems to defy gravity because the pressure that builds up between layers of rock gets relieved when the water finds a path to the open air. These popular artesian wells have been enjoyed by locals and visitors for many years.

Maley Park Well

Maley Park (Village of Honor) Approximately 2 acre neighborhood park at the junction of US-31 and Deadstream Road, the intersection is bisected by Leelanau Drive. Includes a spring fed fountain, picnic tables, swing sets, and parking.
Location: Honor, MI

Old Facefull

Old Facefull has quenched the thirst of visitors for over 100 years. The drain and basin were installed by locals in the 1930s to keep the well from flooding the road. Old Facefull is located at the end of 13 Mile Rd, directly west of Bear Lake
Location: Pierport, MI

Portage Point Artesian Well

Just past the entrance to Little Eden Camp, you`ll find a 3 foot tall rockery with a metal basin and spigot for filling larger containers. Fresh, cool, and ice cold. Go on, take a sip!
Location: Portage Point Drive, Onekama, MI