Crystal Vacation Rentals Property Management Services

Crystal Vacation Rentals Property Management Services

We're looking to add a few homes to our management program!


Would your home make a good vacation home?

Please keep in mind that we specialize in waterfront homes and cottages. However, we're also looking for a few off-water homes in Frankfort, Beulah, Onekama, or Bear Lake. Whether your property is large or small, renting your property can create a cash flow that can help to maintain or improve your vacation home. A rental management company stops the need to worry about making reservations, ensures that renters have paid in full, and helps to protect your property from damage.


Reasons to Choose Crystal Vacation Rentals

We are widely recognized in the Benzie and Manistee County areas, and have a large and diverse number of renters from all over the World. We pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive vacation rental services available in the area.

Crystal Vacation Rentals is committed to a goal of constant improvement in our rental services. It is our goal to allow you to rent your vacation property “hassle-free”, to give you flexibility for personal use, and to achieve occupancy as close to 100% as we can possibly achieve, with satisfied and loyal guests.


What Sets Us Apart from Other Rental Companies

Happy Owners. Many of our owners have been with us for many years, others have come more recently to the party. Families that inherit their property receive financial support to maintain their family homes. Many owners choose to sell their homes, taking advantage of our excellent cleaning and maintenance crews, and are able sell their property much quicker than anticipated. Owners that rent with us and then decide to sell often realize an increase in their property value because of improvements that have been made, continued maintenance, and the care and cleaning from our housekeeping partners.

Happy Guests. Our extensive guest portfolio includes families that have come back to their vacation home for a few years, or for a few decades. Approximately 25% of reservations are repeat guests, another 10% of families are recommended by friends.

A Growing Brand. Crystal Vacation Rentals is becoming more and more well-known through trust and dedication from our owners, renters, and partners. Our inventory of homes and cottages includes a high number of quality, well maintained properties and we are becoming well known for offering excellent hospitality services. Our company grows more each year as owners and renters alike discover the incredible rewards of a partnership with us. To help us grow, we've partnered with LiveRez, Inc. to bring state-of-the-art technology to our fingertips, allowing us to better achieve the goals of owners and guests alike. To learn more about our software, click here.

We Know the Market. Our well established and improving online presence has given us worldwide exposure, as well as exposure locally. Increased advertising in magazines, maps, and other print ads literally puts our name in their hands. Targeted advertisement created specifically for your property can further help to increase the impression your property has on guests.

High Occupancy. Our advanced reservation system and reservationist work in tandem with marketing research to produce high occupancy and guest satisfaction rates, along with a high Average Daily Rate. Our reservationist is familiarized and trained in detail about each property we represent. Because of our dedication to our guests, the number of guests returning to vacation with us increases each year.


Why Crystal Vacation Rentals?


If you desire to have us manage your property, or have further questions, please feel free to contact us at 231-864-4020 or [email protected], or Request More Information. Please be aware that we do not take new properties during the peak summer season as our staff and associates are busy caring for current partners and guests.