Guest Reviews

Aurora, US
Reviewed: Jul 27, 2015
Property Manager
Danielle has been helpful and friendly for a year while I made these arrangements. A year ago I needed handicapped bathroom and three bedrooms on one floor. Turned out I didn't but it was still a nice home.
It was disconcerting to have so much personal memorabilia around, as well as multitudes of knickknacks. It felt like the owners were at the store and would be back any minute to find us broken into their home.
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Macomb, US
Reviewed: Jul 18, 2015
Property Manager
The best! Very accomodating, flexible and kind. They trust us to be repeat renters & I appreciate that they remember us year to year.
You all have made us very happy! Last year, I sent an email suggesting a few things that needed fixing in the cabin. Every single item was addressed & more! Fantastic place and fantastic people. Sign us up for another year please!!!
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Downers Grove, US
Reviewed: Jul 13, 2015
Property Manager
So friendly and helpful- excellent customer service.
We had a great time at our property! The house we stayed in was a perfect match for us. We really liked the somewhat secluded setting of the property because we have two toddler age daughters and little dogs who can get pretty noisy at times, so it was fun to have the property to ourselves rather than be in a resort setting where you're surrounded by strangers. :)
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Trenton, US
Reviewed: Jul 12, 2015
Property Manager
Good experience, fine team.
We love the area and try to come up every year. We have stayed at many of your rental properties. All in all we have had many fine vacations because of your service. We hated to leave!
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